Toilet Emergencies

We all know the feeling. You’ve just finished up a solid #2, and you start to wipe your butt only to realize that something is wrong. Something isn’t “happening” like it’s supposed to. It’s not coming off on the toilet paper, so you push down harder…

And then it happens: A stream of ass-water shoots out from under the toilet tissue! Up your posterior! Your sitting mates are soaked! Thanks a lot for this one, science – science is great.

So before you take another dump anywhere near another human being, read our list of Toilet Emergencies And What To Do So You Don’t Embarrass Yourself Or Others.

Emergency 1: There No Toilet Paper Left –   

The best course of action in this situation is to accept it. Realize that your butt-wiping experience is over, and prepare for the consequences. It will be inconvenient, but at least you won’t be leaving a trail of water behind you wherever you go!

Emergency 2: Your Butt Is Soaking Wet –  

                               **You Were Sick**

This doesn’t usually happen after having the runs (unfortunately), but rather when you accidentally had too much liquid earlier on in the day. The result: You’ve still got diarrhea faucets between your legs even though they’re closed uptight now. Since there’s nothing else to do here except wash your hands (and allow yourself to continue feeling like crap), head to the sink and give your hands a good scrub. Then take as many paper towels as you can carry back with you (because these liquid ass-bombs tend to hit more than once) and hope for the best…

I bought a Kohler Wellworth toilet at the local Walmart. The problem is that when you flush it, after about 1 or 2 flushes it just keeps on running. It doesn’t stop until I reach in and find the chain hanging down below and pull it up to where it belongs.

I looked around on line for a solution but didn’t see anyone else with the same problem so I’m writing this in hopes of helping out others who might have a similar situation.

Emergency 3: There’s A “Sticky” Feeling On Your Butt –   

                               **You Used The Wrong Toilet Paper**

The wrong toilet paper is anything synthetic: Cheap two-ply, generic one-ply, etc. These options are like sandpaper against your anus and will ruin any chance of a successful wipe job. They may seem cheap in the store, but they don’t work out so well in real life.

Here’s what I did…

1) Turn off the water supply to toilet tank turned off water at the wall, flushed to get rid of water in lines 2) Removed the top of the toilet tank Unscrewed the two bolts holding on the tank lid 3) Disconnected water supply from fill valve in the tank 4) Inspected fill valve and saw nothing wrong checked float to make sure it was adjusted correctly.

Toilet Emergencies we have helped with in the area of El Salido Pkwy in Austin, TX 78750

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