Fixing Faucet Problems

Plumber Anderson Mill will fix your faucet problems

What kind of faucet problems are you experiencing? In reality, it doesn’t matter because we can fix everything related to plumbing. If you are experiencing problems with your faucet, whether is in your bathroom or your kitchen, Plumber Anderson Mill is here to help. We are a plumbing company in the heart of Leander and we provide excellent service for all types of faucets.

– Leaks in the bathroom sink or bathtub

– Leaking kitchen faucet

– Leaky shower head, etc.

We provide excellent service and are here to help you. Give us a call today at (512) 620-8373!

Experiencing leaks in the bathroom faucet?

One of the most common causes of leaks in the bathroom faucet is a worn-out washer. If your sink or bathtub drain has been slow to work, you may have removed and replaced it already without realizing that the problem could be as simple as an inexpensive replacement part! At Quality Plumber Leander we provide prompt repair services at affordable rates.

Leaky bathroom faucet?

A big problem with having a bathroom faucet leaking is that they make the house owner spend a lot of money on high water bills. The leak could cause the residents to use more than their average amount of shower time due to not being able to turn off the faucet. You don’t have to put up with this. We are here to help you.

You should know that a leaky faucet can also cause mold and mildew from forming as well as lead to an increased chance for bacteria growth if you’re neglecting cleaning your sink, floors, etc. This problem can make the house members sick due to the bacteria and another fungus. 

If this problem is not quickly repaired it can become a big one and expensive one. Just a very small drip may eventually become a major leak with high-cost consequences, this not only applies to the financial area but also the emotional area as well. If this is happening to you call us. Plumber Anderson Mill will help you out.

Things to know about kitchen faucet leaking

This is the basic information you should know:

– If you see a pool of water on the floor it’s probably a leak from the faucet. A problem like this will lead to rot in your subfloor, this can turn out to be very expensive and time-consuming to repair!

– A common problem with a leaking faucet is that the water that is constantly running can cause leaks in other places such as the cabinets, which will also lead to spending more money fixing it.

– If you have problems with your pipes or with the valve that is located under your kitchen sink, this can cause frequent leaks. Leaky faucets require professional attention sooner than later so avoid these consequences. Call our plumbing company today for an appointment.