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Garbage disposals tend to attract a lot of gunk over time, particularly if they’re regularly used. When water stands at your disposal for an extended period, it’s likely that rust and other sediment have built upon the blades within the unit itself. When this happens and when you flip on the unit–the standing water can sometimes cause a backup into the sink drain or even back up through the countertop drains. Check out our plumbing company in the Anderson Mill area to find out more about how we can help you.

If you’ve had a major clog in your garbage disposal recently, turning off the power may be a good idea before trying to work around any standing water. Since most garbage disposals have electric components under them, it’s not advisable to try to clear out too much without powering down first.

A few things you can try to unclog your disposer are outlined below.

If water has not been used for a week, the garbage disposal will clog up because food debris tends to stick to the insides of the unit. If you have water sitting in there for more than a day or two, then it’s probably time that you need to remove it.

An easy way is to pour approximately one cup of rock salt into the disposal along with some cold water. If you don’t have any salt at home, baking soda will do just as well. After letting the mixture sit at the disposal for about ten minutes, turn on the cold tap so that the water is running into the drain. The baking soda and salt will help dislodge any food particles that have collected there, flushing them away with the water.

You should also run plenty of cold water whenever you use your garbage disposal because it helps to keep things moving down the pipes smoothly. Running hot water can be damaging for garbage disposals over time so try to curb your usage as much as possible. This way, you can ensure that everything is working well and prevent a future clog from taking place.

If these methods don’t work, then it’s likely that you have a broken unit on your hands that needs to be replaced immediately before its problems get worse over time. In other words, this means you need an emergency plumber near Anderson Mill to help you. That’s what we are here for. Give us a call today to fix your problem immediately.

repairing/replacing garbage disposal – should I do this myself or hire someone? how much would it usually cost? should I save up first or just go ahead and do it now? what things should I know about getting this done myself/”getting the right person, the right plumber”? Is there anything else I might need to know beforehand that’s not obvious from common sense after reading about it?

how much would it usually cost to get a plumber to come out, replace the garbage disposal, and possibly fix some other things that are wrong/broken? I’m in the Anderson Mill area in Austin, TX. Will it be cheaper if someone else does this job for me or am I better off trying to do it myself? How much would it usually cost to get this done myself/get the right person, the right plumber? not included in 100$ estimate above. Any advice on what might cause problems with this kind of project (possible things to watch out for specifically)? Would invest in some tools make any of this easier or more likely to go well? If you type Emergency Plumber in Austin, TX, you will also find us on Google maps to reach out to us.

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