A lot of people do not like the idea of a water heater emergency plumber. Usually, they feel as if it is a bothersome task that must be done. While others view it as an unwanted pain in the neck. However, there are times when you need to call in the plumber and that’s simply what you must do. If your water heater breaks or springs a leak then this really creates a problem for you and the rest of your family members who utilize the appliance on a daily basis. This can create all kinds of discomfort and problems with having no hot water available for long periods of time which can lead to other unpleasant issues such as finding yourself dealing with various hygiene problems as well as skin problems.

The good thing is that there are various hot water heater repair services available in your local area ready to assist you with the repair of any problem you may have. These professional plumbers have been trained and do this type of work day in and out so they know it all from A-Z which allows them to give you a realistic idea as to what’s wrong with your hot water heater rather quickly. In many cases, these experienced professionals can even perform simple maintenance on the unit without needing to call for a replacement or upgrade which saves you a lot of money over time.

In addition, these interested parties will be able to answer any questions going through your mind at the time such as how much a new system would cost you given your issue and how long it would take until you had everything up and running again. This is vital if your hot water heater malfunctions during the evening or on a holiday as you don’t want to wait for days before someone returns your phone call and then weeks before they can get out to your house to fix the problem.

By contacting one of these professionals, you can set up an appointment that works best for your schedule with little effort on your part which is another positive benefit. You simply give them a call when you are ready and they will come out at any time that is convenient for you whether it be early in the morning or late at night this is one of those times where taking care of things without having too much trouble involved is essential.

Once the plumber has arrived, they will be ready to look at your hot water heater and fix any problems you may have. This is an easy service to receive as all these individuals need to do is find out what’s causing the issue by checking everything over thoroughly. Once they understand why your appliance isn’t working properly, then it’s just a matter of bringing out one of their replacement units which only takes them about thirty minutes or so to install. Then you are back up and running in no time even if it is the middle of the night!

Why do water heater leaks?

Water heaters are most likely to leak between the tank and the point of connection with the plumbing. The valves, unions, or O-rings that seal these parts may wear out over time. Leaking water can be caused by loose electrical connections (either at the control valve or on top of the tank) and corroded water heater wiring.

Water heaters also commonly leak around the “T”'s that connect pipes to them if they weren’t installed properly or have become defective/loose. Other sources of leaks include leakage at gas valves behind manifolds.

How to know if your water heater is broken?

There are several ways on how you can determine if your hot water tank has a problem:

1. Strange Noises When The Water Is Running Or Not Being Used

Most of the time, strange noises coming from almost any appliance inside the home are a sign of an obvious problem. It does not matter what kind of noise it emits whether it be a loud crashing sound, a thudding noise, a rattling sound, or even a squeaking sound. A faulty water heater can cause these kinds of sounds too. If you hear unusual noises then this is the time that you should check on your hot water tank right away to prevent any bigger problems from happening in the future.

2. Constant Loss Of Warm Water In Your Home

  One of the most common signs that there is a problem with your storage tank is when you notice a constant loss of warm water inside your home. This means that while some areas have enough heat while others do not have any at all despite being connected to the same water supply line. Loss of warm water does not only mean having cold showers for an extended period of time, but it can also damage your appliances and even worsen the problem in the long run.

3. Heating Element Is Broken

  Does your water heater have a heating coil inside? If yes then that probably means that one day you will notice that this part is broken or worn out and has to be replaced right away. Other than the fact that there is rust visible on this part, you might also hear some strange noise coming from it when in use making itself extra loud especially at night when everyone is already asleep, or during early morning hours when people are still in deep slumber. Many homeowners think that the entire unit needs to be replaced but they do not know that such a problem can actually be fixed if only they know how to identify these parts.

4. Rust Formation

     Water heaters do not only get rusty inside but outside as well. You can tell if it is already time to replace your hot water tank when you see obvious rust formation at the bottom and sides of its exterior metal sleeve, especially near the water inlet and outlet valves close to the faucet. If this happens then that means that there has been a lot of metal corrosion than usual over a relatively long period of time and it might be too late for you to try repairing such an issue anymore. This usually requires replacing the entire hot water tank with a newer one so people would not have any problem with their daily warm showers or baths again.

5. Absence Of Hot Water    

     One of the most obvious signs of a broken water heater is when you find yourself not having enough temperature-regulated hot water or none at all depending on your needs or preferences. If you cannot seem to adjust the thermostat properly then this means that there is an underlying issue with its heating system and it can be difficult, if not impossible for professional plumbers to solve. The only thing that they can do in such cases is to replace the entire unit instead of just trying to repair it somehow.